About Dr Emily Yarrow

I'm a highly motivated and passionate academic with valuable blue-chip industry experience.  My teaching, research and consulting philosophy are underpinned by an innovative blend of the notion of triple helix thinking, knowledge creation for social justice, and a passion for gender equality. In addition to being a  Senior Lecturer in International Human Resource Management at Portsmouth Business School, I provide a consultancy and mentoring service. You can view my institutional profile here: https://researchportal.port.ac.uk/portal/en/persons/emily-yarrow(0efc5d86-bdd0-44fb-85b4-464ebba3170f).html

To date, my work has focused on the impact of research evaluation on female academic careers (exploring the UK Research Excellence Framework), pensions and the experiences of older workers, and human resource management (HRM) practices more broadly. My work contributes to contemporary understandings of gendered organisational behaviour and women’s lived experiences of organisational life. My work has been published in top-tier journals, including Gender, Work and Organization (ABS 3*); and Work, Employment and Society (ABS 4*); and The British Educational Research Journal (ABS 3*).

Researching human resource management with a focus on equality and diversity, organisational behaviour/theory, and cross-cultural management is incredibly rewarding. I am interested the current shift towards triple helix thinking-the sharing of, and co-creation of knowledge between Universities, Government and Industry for mutually beneficial innovation, as well as the on-going research impact agenda, albeit I adopt a critical lens. Ultimately, I am passionate about how triadic relationships can potentially contribute to social justice (for example through gender equality policy changes or awareness-raising of equality and diversity issues) to drive social good.

With more than five years of valuable teaching experience at various Russell Group Universities including: The University of Edinburgh Business School; Queen Mary University of London; and The University of Newcastle Business School. I aim to inspire my students through my innovative and theoretically underpinned approach to teaching, which is driven by student engagement and a passion for fostering independent student learning.  I strive to have an egalitarian, inclusive and stimulating tutorial and lecture environment. My courses focus on the functions, skills and actions associated with contemporary human resources management practice and are primarily concerned with the development of skills that are pivotal to successful management practice, effective leadership and conducting contemporary HRM research. I am a qualitative research expert, leading an MBA course in research methods, as well as offering qualitative research consulting. 

Watch this short clip from my recent BBC Expert Women 2018 application to learn more about my work in lay terms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Klgejiy6CS8&t=3s

When not at my desk, you can find me spending as much time as possible outdoors running, swimming, and cycling, as well as drinking coffee. I enjoy running ultramarathons, cooking, travelling in my campervan, and spending time with the family chocolate Labrador, Monty, who also often joins in on the adventure, and is a superb wingman!